analects pl. collection of writings; literary gleanings.
   ♦ analectic, a.

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  • analects — [an΄ə lek′təan′ə lekts΄] pl.n. [L analecta < Gr analekta < analegein, to collect < ana , up + legein, to gather] collected literary excerpts or passages: also analecta [an΄ə lek′tə] the Analects a collection of Confucius teachings …   English World dictionary

  • Analects — An a*lects ([a^]n [.a]*l[e^]kts), ||Analecta An a*lec ta ([a^]n [.a]*l[e^]k t[.a]), n. pl. [Gr. ana lekta fr. anale gein to collect; ana + le gein to gather.] A collection of literary fragments. [1913 Webster] || …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • analects — (n.) 1650s, literary gleanings, from Gk. analekta, lit. things chosen, neuter plural of analektos select, choice, verbal adj. of analegein to gather up, collect, from ana up (see ANA (Cf. ana )) + legein to gather, also to choose words, hence …   Etymology dictionary

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  • analects — analectic, adj. /an l ekts /, selected passages from the writings of an author or of different authors. Also, analecta /an l ek teuh/. [1615 25; < L analecta < Gk análekta, neut. pl. of análektos (verbal adj. of analégein to pick up, gather …   Universalium

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